Tuesday, 22 September 2015

I had no idea, when I began Chez Beccy, of the amazing journey I was about to embark on! One of the biggest lessons I've learnt so far is not to get frustrated by how long everything seems to take. Channel that frustration into positive energy and celebrate each small goal achieved. I've also learnt to take my time making decisions. It's actually quicker (and cheaper!) to take time getting to the right decision, than getting it wrong and having to back track, and re-do.

I recently signed up for Rachael Taylor /  Make it in Design  'Building a Brand' video series. Thank you for loads of great information. A light bulb moment for me came when you were talking about Keywords. As a designer creating images and designs come quite naturally for me, but words are more of a struggle. So I do nee to think about how I describe products in my product descriptions etc.
Its another piece of the puzzle for me.
So for my brand key descriptive words are...
-country cottage
-traditional country kitchen
any other ideas, let me know...
Beccy x

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