Saturday, 19 January 2013

Getting very into my lavender hearts. I've made some smaller ones as well now. These are also made from organic cotton and are approx 9 cms x 9 cms.

I think these two look really good together.

I should get some more fabric in the next week or so of my Ditsy Floral design on Blue so I can make some more lavender hearts and napkins!

I've been reading a great book about starting your own crafting business called the Handmade Market Place by Kari Chapin. Its really helpful. Talk you through everything from creating, marketing, selling online and at fair, social networking. I keep dipping into it and thinking there is so much I want to do!!

I've started to experiment with how to lay out my table when I do craft fair. I need to find something to hang my hearts on. This mug tree isn't tall enough! I ned to find a good way of displaying my tea towels. Maybe I'll have some hanging and some in packaging. I'd also like to find some wooden shelves. I'm going to add in some little terracotta pots of herbs as I think it will freshen everything up and make my table more appealing. (I hope!) I've also been looking into craft fairs and I've found on in Chipping Norton which is quite near me. If anyone knows this craft fair it would be great to get some feedback on it!

 I'm all very new to this so any top tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

*** Happy New Year ***

I've decided 2013 is going to be the year of my first craft fair! Very exciting. I've had a few days to make some more things, which is a real treat. I've now got some of my Ditsy Floral design made into napkins. This design was inspired by all the lovely Forget-me-knots that grow in my garden. It takes me awhile to get from my initial idea to design, then to fabric and then final product but I get there! The cotton I've used is also Organic which also makes me happy.

So here are the designs I have made into napkins so far. I now want to order some of my Disty Floral on blue and the Daisy print on blue to complete the set. Oh and I nearly forgot my Polka Dots on blue...

I've also been making some lavender filled hearts. Over Christmas I kept seeing all these lovely hearts as decorations, so I thought I'd like to make some. Then it came to me that my Sister-in-law loves lavender and this might make a good present for her. She has a problem of moths eating her clothes, so as well as smelling nice they will keep her clothes hole free to!!!
They are also made form Organic Cotton Sateen, approx 12 cms high x 11 cms wide.