Sunday, 30 September 2012

Well, I've now made up some napkins from the striped pattern I created. I'm really pleased that these are printed in 100% Organic Cotton Sateen. I would like to print my tea towels on Organic Linen/Cotton but it just isn't available, which is a shame. So anyway I'm very pleased to finally have some napkins in my shop. What I want to do is napkins and tablecloths in all of my blue and white designs so they will all go together in any combination. This is my goal anyway.
I've just finished making up the Daisy print napkins. Another item to add into my shop

While I was designing the labels for the napkins I had another play around with the design. I've made it much simpler and I think it looks so much better now. I hope you agree!
So now I just want to make the Tea Towel labels look the same.

This past week I've also created a Chez Beccy facebook page. I was inspired to do it by my friend Annette who makes beautiful handcrafted cards and gifts, Annette Mackie Handmade.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Well its been awhile. I've just been so inspired by the Olympics. Work hard so you too can achieve your goals!!

 So fully refreshed from my lovely holiday I'm raring to go. I've finally got my colours sorted I think. On my ditsy floral design I decided to have pink stamens. I wanted the stamens to stand out more and while I was looking through Vogue at all the gorgeous opulent colours for Autumn/Winter I found like fabulous raspberry pink.

Unfortunately the painted blue background has not some out. I guess the colour variation is too slight to be recognised in the printing process. I'll just have to do the blue backgrounds as flat colour. Shame but there we go.

Anyway lets talk polka dots!! I've seen so many around at the moment. They are everywhere,  Cath Kidston has a whole new range of spotty bags, I saw someone wearing spotty jeans the other day, I just love it. So here are mine.

I think they will sit very well with the ditsy floral designs. So now I'm ordering some fabric so I can make up some more tea towels. I wish I could get the linen cotton canvas as organic.