Sunday, 22 July 2012

I was very excited this week to get the sample of my ditsy blue and white floral design. I think I might just make the stamens a bit darker so they stand out more.

I've also finished the reversed out design as well. I had to paint the background separately so I could get that to repeat, then I put the florals into repeat. I guess I could have tried to paint it all, once I had figured out the pattern, but I get to impatient and know that the quickest way for me to finish my pattern is on the computer!! I'm pretty pleased with the end result.

I now want to re-do my white daisy pattern on blue as I originally did all this on the computer. It became very flat and I lost all the painted textured look, which is what I really like. So I'm going to do it properly and paint it on a blue background. I know it will look so much better.

So my True Blue collection is slowly taking shape, just a few colour tweaks to be done now. 

Now I need to get inspired for my next design. Florals too I think but larger, possibly. I'll see where my inspiration take me. Although I have seen some lovely bird patterns recently!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

I had a fabulous time this weekend looking round antique shops. I found a couple that were real treasure troves. I felt any moment I could find something amazing! I always wonder about who owned this before and the silent tales each item holds. Anyway I found a gorgeous jug that I just had to have. I've put some of my lovely pink roses in in. Fab!! 

Felt very inspired after my rummaging through the antique shops so I started to paint my next design using the same little flowers but in reverse. I tried a couple of different colours for the centre of the flowers and decided yellow worked best.