Sunday, 11 August 2013

After my last craft stall back in June, I decided to make more cards, as these seemed to sell the best.
I've gone for a patchwork style. I also used some other fabric to make the pink cards. I found a couple of old tops to cut up. I'm pleased with the results.

I've been working out how to display them. My Dad made me a couple of lovely display racks but I need more space, so I've made these ones out of card. I hope they will be strong enough.

I also ordered a Coat Stand to hang my Aprons on. I'm hoping it will be more obvious what they are now!

I've got a wedding coming up and I know my friends are both into cooking so I've done  His & Hers label for my Aprons. I hope they like them!

And just as I was about to wrap them I realised I should have put their names on the labels! So I re-did the labels... much better.

I'm now going to offer personalised tags when I sell my Aprons!

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