Thursday, 28 March 2013

Thought I'd cheer myself up, from all this cold cold weather we are having, with some daffodils and pretend that it's spring even if its snowing outside!!! Also had a good tidy up in my studio, wow it feels good, should do this more often (but know I wont!). 

Really looking forward to the long Easter weekend. Time for lots of making and eating of Easter goodies! I've started by baking some Easter biscuits.

I was watching Mary Berry last night and she made Easter biscuits as well!!!

Now back to making...
I've also been designing a sew on label for my tea towels. I just need to work out what fabric to have them printed on. If I print them on the linen cotton canvas I'm worried it will be too thick. I'll try it out this weekend.

Yippee... Just had a massive parcel of fabric arrive, I wont be bored this weekend!!! I best get sewing!!!


  1. Dear Beccy,

    Thank you so much for your kind comments! ��

    I really like your napkins and your tea towels, so lovely!

    Wishing you a beautiful evening