Sunday, 11 November 2012

This week I've found some nice card to print my herb labels on. So I'm pleased with that. I have now got some slightly larger jars which I think will be great for storing garlic, sea salt and peppercorns. So I've now designed these labels. 

I've also found some lovely glass bottles for oil and vinegar as well.

I think these would look great with some herbs and spices infused in them as well, such as Olive oil and Rosemary.  So I'll be selling the bottles and jars with labels but and then you can add your own oils and vinegars.

Now I want to designs some cards. I have loads of ideas, just need time to design them! Next weekend I'm going to Warners in Braintree to look at their textile archive. I can't wait, I think there are going to be some amazing fabrics there. I hope I can take pictures. I'll keep you posted!

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